Terria Roushun

Terria Roushun is the CEO and Director of The Hair Essentials Company. Terria has established herself as a veteran in the hair and makeup industry with over 25 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, freelance beauty artist and textured hair expert.

Terria has a keen eye for trend looks and her hand perfecting skill has afforded her the opportunity to work with several prestige brands and agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and in the Chicagoland area. More recently she began to help the transracial adoptive and foster community overcome the anxiety of dealing with highly textured hair. Hair Essentials Company is designed specifically with that community in mind.

From a young age it was instilled in Terria to use her gifts to serve others. Throughout her formative years she always kept that notion in the back of her mind, what are my gifts and how can they help others? Today, Terria is celebrated for spreading positivity, empowering families and turning trend looks into everyday fashions.

Now Terria is expanding from one-on-one sessions to sharing her signature methods to help as many transracial adoptive and foster families gain confidence, skills, knowledge and support for their child’s textured hair.